Association Management

The Presidium of ITS&S consists of an elected section of the Presidium and members representing the ITS&S VIP members. The elected part of the Presidium currently consists of five members elected by the Assembly of ITS&S Members on March 20th, 2019. Each VIP member is represented in the Presidium by one representative. The number of elected Presidium members and VIP Presidium members may not exceed 50:50. The Presidium chooses the President of an association from their midst. President then chooses the Vice-President. President (or Vice-President in case of his or her absence) convenes meetings of the Presidium and manages its activities.
ITS&S Presidium conforming the Articles of ITS&S Association and resolution of the Assembly of ITS&S Members in particular:
organizes and manages the activities of the association
decides on membership and keeps records of its members
is responsible for the management of the association and proper accounting
mediates direct contact of the association with its members
is responsible for the high professional level of the Association's activities
and last but not least it seeks to promote the interests of individual groups within the association.
Presidium ITS&S:
Roman Srp
Jiří Matějec
Jiří Bartoň
Lukáš Filip
Michal Hajoš
Tomáš Juřík
Zdeněk Lokaj
Martin Němec
Ondřej Pokorný
Libor Povejšil
Radovan Prokeš
Tomáš Smolík
David Švingr
Martin Volný
Bruno Wertlen
Ondřej Zaoral
Revision Committee:
The Revision Committee carries out control and auditing of the management and accounting of the association in connection with the relevant generally binding legal regulations, statutes and resolutions of the assembly and informs the presidium and the assembly of the situation.
Revision Committee:
Otto Havle
Jan Šimůnek
Ivan Ivančo
Executive director:
The Presidium may appoint an Executive Director of the ITS&S to which it delegates part of the powers.