Facts & goals

Founded in 2000
More that 70 companies, institutions on board as regular members
Fast growing
prof. Miroslav Svítek
vice-president & executive director:
Roman Srp
Jiří Bartoň
Karel Feix
Martin Chval
Miroslav Kopecký
Lukáš Kovárník
Jan Kubíček
Jiří Matějec
Martin Němec
Ondřej Pokorný
Tomáš Smolík
Richard Sysala
Marek Ščerba
Bruno Wertlen
Ondřej Zaoral
Revision Committee: Otto Havle
Jan Šimůnek
Roman Turza
The main goal of ITS&S, the Association for Transport Telematics, is to achieve fast development of transport telematics in the field of roads, railway, waterway and air transport by providing technical, economic and ecologic benefits to a society and also to association members. ITS&S provides mainly a communication infrastructure to its members, therefore most of the association projects are in fact joint projects of a subset of the association member's companies. Some examples of joint projects are provided below:
Main education projects
ITS Prague conferences
NavAge Prague conferences
ITS Bratislava RoSaLINE conferences (Slovakia)
Digital Maps - regular meetings of the Czech professional community
Czech Industry promotion
Czech TeAm (Bulgaria and other countries)
Consulting projects
Czech strategy of electronic ticketing in public transport
Evaluation of the efficiency of the tolling system
e-vignette feasibility studies
R&D projects
EFC (implementation conditions in the Czech Republic)
RDS-TMC (research and field tests)
ITS National Architecture (project name TEAM)
GALILEO (5-year application project)
Pilot applications
Field tests of RDS-TMC in Prague region (2004)
Safe Road Tunnels (three tunnels in Prague)
Chair of national group CEN/TC278 and ISO/TC204
Chair of standardization committee TNK136 "Road Telematics"