EASY OBU Working Group
Robust positioning made easy
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The aim of the project is development, validation and market research of a specific ITS system, that would meet demands of those applications requiring robust localization of vehicles, persons and/or goods. Such localization should be resistant to the outage of a satellite navigation signal.
This will be achieved by the combination of inexpensive inertial sensors in an inexpensive and portable on-board-unit (having open interfaces) with a very innovative 'non-causal filtering' approach. For this purpose data will be collected in-vehicle and transferred to a back-office, where processing can be carried out. The interfaces needed for that will be open and well documented to encourage third party application developers. Field test will help evaluate the performance of the system.

ITS&S is responsible for market research (search for possible placement of project results on the market) within the EASY OBU consortium. To do so internal Working Group was founded. Top experts of leading companies on Czech market were invited to co-operate on project. Today, ITS&S EASY OBU working group consists of final members of association as follows:

Evolving Systems
Sherlog Trace
General information on EASY OBU project is here.
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